• 8" diameter

  • Brass Hardware

  • 1 or 2  Pockets 

  • Leather Divider

  • Internal Spine

  • Fully lined shell and pockets

  • Custom Buttons

  • Stand bags will only have a single pocket. Double pockets available without the stand.


  $599  Canvas-Leather

  $779  Single Pocket leather golf bag

  $799 Double pocket leather golf bag




Custom leather golf bag


Other options:

 Stand $149

Double strap $75

Towel ring $25

Add 7" pocket by handle $50

  10" pocket adjacent to ball pocket $50

Our bags come with an internal spine.  Please specify if you want it without.

Disclaimer.....Our stands are  a little different from traditional stands.  Normally you would press down on the bag and the legs kick out. The legs on our stand do kick out but you have to press down on the rear of the bag and slightly assist the legs.

It is very important to me to keep the bag as traditional as possible.  Therefore, the stand is slightly different but will do the job nicely.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me personally.

Generally speaking, any bag with a 2nd color will have the 2nd color on the accents (throat, rim, handle and gussets). That  being said, you have the last word as to how your bag is constructed.