How do you build a great golf bag? It starts by taking one apart.

If you ask those who know him, you’d hear that the Eliott Bag Company was inevitable. If you ask Scott Halter, owner of the company, he would say the beginnings of The Eliott Bag Company were in the spring of 2012 when he looked fondly on his own leather walking bag purchased some 20 years earlier and decided it should be retired.

After a night of searching the Internet and not finding the bag he wanted, Scott did the only logical thing and began dissecting his original bag. Stitch by stitch and seam by seam the old bag came apart. Several hours and 23 pieces of leather later, a single thought entered his mind — one common to great golfers and entrepreneurs everywhere, “I can do that.” And so it began.

The Rest of the Story: Sacrifice & Love

Every great idea is pushed forward by the faith of its purveyor, but rarely do they succeed without the sacrifice, support and love of those around them. Eliott Bag Company is no different. Starting in May of 2013 the Halter family got on the Leather Golf Bag Carousel of Crazy Ideas and Costly Mistakes, it was a ride that would last 9 months.

The Eliott Bag Company made it with a product we are 100% proud of. And so it seemed fitting that the company should wear the name of Eliott Halter, Scott’s son and inspiration.

We are still primarily a family business, but we’re growing slowly and carefully, adding pieces, products and people only when they are a great fit and will contribute to our reputation that is slowly filtering out to golfers everywhere… that Eliott Golf Bags are awesome!

Eliott Golf Bags are supplied entirely from the United States and hand-crafted in Charleston, SC a place where tradition isn’t just respected, it’s revered.

What it's all about!